Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Kevin Brown Is Adorable

All Worlds Video Exclusive Kevin Brown performed at Faces on Fourth Street last Saturday night and he is adorable. He was nice, friendly, no attitude, and very hot. The crowd that we had on Saturday loved him...unfortunately the crowd was not big enough to pay for we feared, we lost money Saturday night. I made a mistake in our EXP ad last week and we had the wrong date advertised for Kevin...but we did our best to correct the mistake...our website was correct for the last month...our email newsletters were correct...our listing was correct, and our drag cast talked about Kevin's date on mic during every show...but we still had a disaster...which just makes it harder for me to decide to do anymore "events" for a while...just as most of you are struggling to find the money to pay for gas, we just don't have money to lose on anymore events. We tried to make Saturday affordable...we had a coupon on's Yellow pages good for free admission until 2 AM and we didn't get a single coupon redeemed. The odd thing is that very few of our VIP members were there Saturday and their admission was already paid for when they bought the VIP. So, I am back to the idea that the way to reach our potential customers is through person at a time...talking and telling friends...why would you do us reach your friends....because parties are usually more fun with a crowd of your will have more fun...they will have fun and appreciate you for telling them about events...and we will be able to continue offering events like video star Kevin everyone wins if you hit your Buddy List and your cell phone and tell people about fun events we have planned.