Monday, April 02, 2007

Siren's U CAN DANCE Returns on a New Night - Saturday April 14 @ Faces

Without fear of being acccused of over stating our case, Siren's U CAN DANCE has become the most successful (and popular) gay club event in St. Louis. If you have been to a U CAN DANCE event you know why...if you have missed all the hype then this is your opportunity to see what St. Louis is talking about. U CAN DANCE is a non-stop dance event...combining astonishing drag performances and hot go go bois with a heart stopping dance beat. The dance floor is packed with hot, sweaty guys and girls...gays, straights, transgendered, and confused come together to dance (and drink). DJ Charlie Buttons spins all night. For this one night only, Faces welcomes 18+ guests in on a Saturday night. Doors open @ 10 PM. The event starts @ 11:30 PM. Tell your friends. If they usually head to Faces @ 3 AM then this is one Saturday night that the crowd will be @ Faces early...don't let them miss Siren's U CAN DANCE Saturday April 14, 2007 @ 10 PM.