Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Where We Are Today - You Can Help Us

Thank you to everyone who has completed our Faces online survey. The survey is still open and we could still use your help. Ask your friends to complete the survey too. We need everyone's thoughts on St. Louis nightlife to help us decide on the future direction for Faces. We will share the results a little later but one thing that we find a little disconcerting...70% of our respondents said "I generally know what is going on at Faces before I walk in. I keep up with Faces events." Our own experience, while anecdotal, doesn't really support that. On any given night, I would estimate that as many as 75% of our customers do not know what event is going on when they walk into Faces. I base this estimate on interaction between customers, our door man, and myself as well as participation in events. There is rarely a night when customers don't come to the door and ask what is going on that night, ask why we are charging the cover, or ask me if there was something special going on. These are not the questions of people who know what is going on when they walk in. One of our most popular events according to your survey answers is our Lights Out/Underwear Party, yet our last few parties have been poorly attended with very little participation. When asked why people weren't participating, most answered that they didn't know it was an Underwear party and hadn't worn underwear or hadn't worn nice underwear. Basically, it appears that the people answering our survey think they know what is going on at Faces but they don't, which means we have a problem we didn't know we had. If you think you know what is going on, then you probably aren't going to read our ads, visit our website, or read our emails. You won't know when we do something new or do something that you will enjoy if you don't check up on us occasionally.
Our impression is that many of the surveys responses are coming from people who have not been to Faces in years. While we are interested in their thoughts, their impression of Faces seems frozen in time, their answers based on the way Faces was the last time they were here, rather then on how it is now. This makes it kind of hard to evaluate the responses.
It has been a little more then a month since we closed our doors and we have to say that we miss you guys. We miss the people, we miss the music, we miss entertainers, we miss the nightlife and we hope you miss us.
We wanted to let you know that we are still reviewing the online survey results, still considering our options, and still formulating our plans. We don't know when we will be back yet but we wanted to let you know that we won't be ready by Pride Weekend. We encourage you to keep us in your thoughts as you celebrate St. Louis Pride Weekend in Tower Grove Park on June 23 & 24.