Monday, February 01, 2010

Remembering...Chris Thompson, Petrina Marie, Travis, Harry, & Jim

Four years ago in January 2006, the Faces on Fourth Street family lost bartender Chris Thompson, then in February 2006, we lost Petrina Marie. In May 2006 we lost Travis. Chris started as a regular customer, then joined us first as a cabaret waiter, then as a bartender with a big following of great customers. Chris was always there to pitch in...the night before he passed away, he helped decorate the bar for a theme party. Travis was an adorable go-go boy, dear friend and behind the scenes assistant to our cabaret showcast.

Petrina Marie was one of the funniest, most talented female impersonators that I have ever seen. Behind the scenes, he was a talented seamstress, responsible for creating dozens of show stopping dresses for St. Louis's drag community. He collected music, accumulating an extensive collection of "drag music" long before the Internet made collecting easy. Petrina was one of the few people I know who could always make me laugh.

Shortly after we were forced to close in 2007, former Faces owner and afternoon basement bartender Harry Davis passed away. Harry's partner Jim followed him and passed away in 2008. Harry and Jim put their hearts and souls (and their life savings) into Faces...they helped original owner Jerry Edwards create Faces, then took over day to day operations. Jerry assumed control of the business 17 years ago and we purchased the business from Jerry a few months later. Jerry Edwards passed away several years ago. After we purchased the business, Harry came back to help.

We miss Chris, Petrina, Travis, Harry, Jim, and Jerry. They will always be in our heart.