Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Long running gay St. Louis nightclub closes

From Long-running gay nightclub the Complex, 3511 Chouteau Ave., is closing, confirms owner Howard Meyer.

The nightclub's last day of operation will be June 22, with a special night planned. Also, special events will take place leading up to the closing.

Rumors of the Complex closing have circulated for years, and Meyer has always rebuffed them, but this time it's for real.

"I can't be here because of my health, back surgeries, and when the owner's not here, when the cat's not here, the mice will play. And I'm losing my ass," he says.

He blames the bartenders for giving away 25 percent of his liquor inventory for better tips, something he couldn't manage in his absence.

He decided a month ago to shut down the Complex after 20 years, and says he finally feels relieved.

"I've been miserable," he says.

In later years at the Complex, Meyer has tried becoming more diverse, including the 2009 opening of the Chill lounge downstairs in the same building.