Tuesday, February 27, 2007

More Great News! You Asked For It - $5 Cover All Night, Every Night

We hear a lot of suggestions from you and your friends...in
fact, that is frequently how our ideas for events and
promotions get started...in this case, we have heard from
quite a few regulars with the firm conviction that if we
lower our cover, we will be packed. For everyone who has
expressed this idea in emails, chat rooms, IMs, and late
night conversations with the owner...this one is for you...
starting Friday March 2, 2007, we will be testing the
waters...for a limited time only (because if you guys don't
support this from the beginning, we won't be able to keep
doing it)...we're lowering our cover to $5..every
night...all night...repeating that to make sure everyone
understands...beginning Friday March 2, 2007 our cover will
be $5 all night, every night...yes, that includes our 18+
guests on Fridays, Sundays, and Wednesdays
...and yes that
includes late night Saturdays...there will be no coupons
required.,.no gimmicks...just show up with your ID and pay
the $5 cover.

Help us spread the word...we need you and your friends to get
behind this to make it work
...if we see our door count double
(like many of you have told us would happen), then we will be
able to continue this promotion...our 18+ customers are used to
paying from $10 to $20 to get in (we charge $10..other bars have
gone as high as $15 to $10) so this is a great deal for them
too...The Compex charges $5...we're pretty sure that Novak's
does too so our prices are competitive with your favorite St.
Louis bars. Tell your friends...spread the word...and FYI...that
means if you come this Saturday for our March VIP sale, you only
have to pay a $5 cover then for $10 more you'll pay no cover for
the rest of March...

Pick up the new EXP Magazine this Friday and check out out 2
page ad for details.