Wednesday, February 28, 2007

WET Lube Wrestling Contest Returns Friday March 9th

We need you to help us spread the word. Friday, March
9, 2007 Faces on Fourth Street and Wet Platinum Lube presents
our Slippery When WET Lube Wrestling Contest. Friday is 18+ to
enter & 21+ to drink. Doors open @ 10 PM. Cover is $10 for
everyone. Resident DJ Pavel spins after the lube wrestling
event. Marissa Bloomingdale hosts the evening and will present a
short show. The show starts @ 11:30 PM. The Lube Wrestling
starts @ 2 AM. Register for wrestling by 12:30 AM. Trust us..lube wrestling is fun and kind of hot..but last time we didn't get enough guys to we need you to recruit your friends...and be here by 12:30 we can have another great contest.

Here's the details...we need guys who aren't ashamed of their
bodies...guys willing to wrestle in their Bike Jockstrap,
underwear, or birthday suits in Wet Lube...bring a buddy that
you want to wrestle or we will try to pair you off...we hope to
have at least 8-10 pairs of'll sign a release, strip
down (you must strip), we'll spray you with lube, you'll start
your match in the kneeling position (we don't want you to slip
and fall)...everyone who enters will get some great Wet Lube
gifts,a prize with a $10 value, and a Faces pass good for the
rest of March. The winner of each match will win prizes with
a $25 value and your name will be put in the drawing for the
grand prize...a Wet Lube Gift Basket and $50 cash. We you sign
up, we'll tell you how you can double the prize value. The
object is to get all lubed up,pin your opponent, have some
fun, and not really hurt each other.

Our Slippery When WET Lube Wrestling should be hot..the
combination of lube and slippery men... It will be more fun if
you bring your friends. You can sign up now by emailing us @ or just show up by 12:30 AM to sign